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Immunet5 Clamav Proxy


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I have upgraded from Immunet3 to Immunet5 and I have a problem with the proxy settings on Windows 2012.


I never managed with Immunet3 to detect my proxy settings but by adding the following two lines in the freshclam.conf I was able to use my proxy at least for the signature updates.


HTTPProxyPort <port>
HTTPProxyServer <proxy hostname>


My proxy settings are still not detected on Immunet5 but now I can't modify the freshclam.conf as it is replaced by the default one everytime the service is restarted.


Is there a way to change this behaviour or a new method to detect the proxy settings (I checked with netsh winhttp show proxy and the proxy is set) ?


In advance thank you,

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May I suggest you submit your inquiry directly to support at this address support@immunet.com. Include all pertinent data related to the issue including any screen shots you may have in your email. Also mention in your email that you started a topic in this forum section.


Best wishes, Ritchie...

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If immunet does not detect your proxy, you have to declare it with winhttp or import it from the internet explorer :

C:\Windows\system32>netshnetsh>winhttpnetsh winhttp>netsh winhttp>set proxy proxy_server "<local>" (ex : set proxy

or import form internet explorer

netsh winhttp>import proxy source=ie


I hope this helps you :)

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Hi all, I've  got Immunet to connect over a proxy by adding a system proxy via:

1) disabling IE enhanced security configuration:
2) In IE -> settings -> internet options -> connections->lan settings-> enable use a proxy server-> advanced -> enter your proxy ip's and ports.

3) From  an administrator command prompt, and add a windows system default proxy with:

show proxy
import proxy source=ie
show proxy

4)Immunet will now connect through your proxy and display your proxy info on the settings page after connecting.

Note though that as of v clamAV  can't perform  ClamAV definition updates from behid a proxy.
Also note that if Immunet can connect directly to the cloud without going through the proxy it will always prefer to connect directly.

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