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Does Immunet Include Behavior Blocker/hips?


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Hi Alex, got your PM. The answer to your question is that both the ETHOS and SPERO cloud detection engines do have "heuristic capabilities" similar to a behavior blocker or HIPS program. This means that Immunet can detect unrecognized or unknown forms of malware or suspicious file activity in real time and react to it immediately!

However I've never relied on just one program to keep me safe. I've always used a layered approach to outwit the bad guys. Here's my "anti-malware/anti-exploit arsenal that I use!"


Comodo Firewall - this includes the Viruscope, Defense+ (HIPS) and autosandbox features

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium - browser and other apps protection from zero-day vulnerabilities
AMP for Endpoints (FireAMP Connector) - this includes the advanced TETRA module that can detect rootkits
Panda Anti-Virus Free 2016 - an additional layer of AV protection
Keyscrambler - protects from malware being able to read your keystrokes if you become infected

Firefox security add-ons - BrowserProtect (keeps your home page and other browser settings from being changed), NoScript (only allows the scripts you want to load), Search Engine Security (protects against Blackhat spam Search Engine Optimization exploits or SEO's), Better Privacy (this can delete Local Shared Objects [LSO's] or flash based supercookies, that have no expiration date - LSO's can be used as a form of spyware/data mining on unscrupulous web sites)

Of course it's always important to keep your Operating System updated with the latest security patches too!

Cheers, Ritchie...

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I get what you are saying and I'm glad that Immunet has that covered.


I use Immunet alongside Avira Browser safety (for the web filter) and MBAM as a second opinion scanner.


I don't want to install 14634748 security programs, I would like to have only 1 if possible.


You know it's 2016, any security solution should incorporate zero day capabilities.


Thank you,


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Thanks for compliment TouchOdeath! Well, that is a little disconcerting that Keyscrambler didn't work with your test keylogger. Keyscrambler is suppose to encrypt the keystrokes as you type and then unencrypt them once the keystrokes are processed by the target application (such as your browser). That should make the keystrokes unreadable by any other application. That's what it's suppose to do anyways.

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