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Please create a separate category for people with local issues that have nothing to do with Immunet


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I am seeing a lot of posts from people who have issues with the AV software. However, this is usually not the case; The issues aren't from Anti-Virus. Usually, the issues comes from a user's poor management of their computer. I am not saying Immunet is free from any blame because their antivirus solution can be very resource intensive on some lower-end machines. Back to the main point, the issues most people face are because they haven't restarted their computer, or they have something else wrong on their local device. Their OS is corrupt, hardware is degrading, etc.

Since issues can occur because of many different conditions, let me state it clearly, Immunet is not your personal tech support. Figure it out if you bought the device for personal use and/or aren't using Immunet in an enterprise environment. It is no excuse to act like you don't know how computers work if you installed software on the computer yourself. You can use a keyboard, you can use a mouse, now start using your brain as well.

Thank you for reading

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Hi flexbtr & welcome to the Immunet forum,

What you posted is basically true! More often than not it's not an issue directly related to Immunet but rather some issue with the user's own computer.

Usually, that involves an issue with ones' own firewall or installed security app(s) interfering with Immunet one way or another. 

Of course ANY AV can experience False Positive responses on occasion but that can usually be resolved by simply adding a custom Exclusion or two to Immunet.

Actually, this 'General' section of the forum can be used to post subject matter unrelated to Immunet but it has to be a topic related to end-user computer security or something similar to that, just as long as no URL links are included for any paid products, organizations or services. 

Thanks for the shout out! Sometime I do feel rather under-appreciated for the work I do on this site. I think you deserve the 'Thanks emoji' I gave ya for that flexbtr!

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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