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Exclusion List Addition Fails


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I have successfully added folders and files to the exclusion list before, but now I am unable to add a folder. I get the error "Failed to Create Exclusion - Failure to set a configuration value." (See attached screenshot.)


System info:


Windows 10

Avira Antivir




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Hi jak001, by viewing your screenshot (which was a great idea) I see you're attempting to isolate Avira's Program Data folder from scanning. It could be that Avira is in the process of utilizing the files to that folder for it's own purposes when you are attempting to add the exclusion so Immunet can't access the folder because it's in use or the Avira folder could have it's own self protection mechanism in place which is preventing any other third-party program from accessing or tampering with it in any manner. AV programs do use this self protection method for critical files that shouldn't be accessed by other programs. Immunet has such protections in place.


If you exclude Avira's "Program Files" folder that should keep any conflicts to a minimum. In fact; by default, Avira's Program Files folder is already excluded when you installed Immunet, unless you deleted that exclusion. Great idea to add an exclusion to Avira for Immunet's Program Files folder as well.


Cheers, Ritchie...

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Thanks much for you reply, Ritchie. The impetus behind my attempt to add Avira's ProgramData folder is I had about 20 entries in my quarantine log file that looked similar to this: C:\ProgramData\Avira\Antivirus\TEMP\AVSCAN-20161124-225923-33FD436F\000002BE-2B28DDB6 (the file name would change, but the path was consistent). All the quarantine attempts failed (possibly because Avira didn't allow their move). I was concurrently scanning with Avira and Immunet, and thought this may be part of the problem, but since this is something that may happen in the future, I figured I'd keep Immunet from trying to fight Avira. They've been long time friends on my system, and this is the first indication of any issue (and a minimal one at that).


I did notice a number of antivirus entries in my File Exclusions list. Avira's (C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\TEMP) was joined by entries for McAfee, Kaspersky, and AVAST, none of which are currently installed, and I'm not sure if they were ever installed on this system. The Avira entry was present prior to the most recent scan that caused the quarantine log entries, so it would seem that entry is insufficient to keeping these two programs apart. I am also not able to add other folders to the File Exclusions list, such as those on my data drive that I have created myself, which have no type of extra system or antivirus protection to keep them from being altered or deleted.


Is there an alternative way to edit the File Exclusions list? Some file somewhere that could be edited directly vice through the GUI? Just trying to think of work-around options.

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Hi jak001, sorry to hear you're still having issues! Immunet and Avira Antivir have been compatible for some time as you mentioned. ProgramData files are normally hidden from view by default. Have you tried to unhide this directory using "Folder Options" and then try to add the exclusion then? Worth a shot I think. Just don't forget to re-hide the files afterwards as that's a Windows security feature. Rule of thumb is to try and use as few exclusions as possible as I'm sure you're aware of but that does concern me that you can't exclude personally made folders. You should be able to do that! Well, try to unhide that ProgramData directory and attempt another exclusion addition. If that has no effect I would recommend you create a support diagnostic dump and send it to the Support guys. There's a topic in the FAQ section that outlines how to send a comprehensive SDT report.


When you install Immunet a number of popular AV's are already excluded by default such as your Avira. It does no harm to delete the exclusions for the AV's your not using since they're non-existent on your machine anyway.

P.S. - I've been having some issues myself. Would have gotten back to you sooner but my internet connection keeps cutting out! Last time it was for practically a whole day! Contacted my ISP, they ran a test and discovered it's either the modem or the outside line that's causing the problem. They're suppose to send a tech. guy tomorrow to check things out for me.

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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