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'4K' Uhd (3840 X 2160) Issues

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Happy Thanksgiving!

This issue with 4k UHD screens & Immunet's UI was reported years ago!

Obviously the developers have never been able to come up with an adequate solution to upscale the UI automatically or add a setting to adjust Immunet's UI.

However, there is a free app you might want to try that might help with that. It can adjust ratio-scaling. It's called IntegerScaler.

Here is a link for the app if you want to take a look at it. https://tanalin.com/en/projects/integer-scaler/  To be honest not sure if it will work with Win 11 though.

Cheers, Ritchie...  

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one quick solution for this 4k screens problem:

instate small mode and big mode, maybe medium mode as well. big mode is for 4k screen and small mode for smaller screens. basically in big mode font size is bigger. these would be build into immunet gui, rather than external program.

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Believe me, this 4k screen issue with Immunet was reported some time ago but it still goes unresolved. 

It would be nice if the devs could find a way to upscale the UI for users with a device that uses a high resolution screen.

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