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Immunet Won't Uninstall Completely

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I have run into a problem.


After the clamAv bug filling my Hard Drive I decided to uninstall Immunet after having happily used it for many years.


I followed all the instructions and Immunet looked like it was unisnstalled, but it still has folders on the computer in C:\Program Files\Immunet that are running .dll application extensions and I cannot remove them.


Please advise me on how I can achieve this.


Anybody got advice?

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If you chose the option that you were going to reinstall Immunet again during the uninstall process that does leave behind a folder in the Program Files directory. A running .dll application from that folder after attempting to uninstall is a bit of a concern. In recent weeks several other users have reported uninstall problems with the newest build. I'm now starting to believe these are not just isolated incidents but rather a possible bug with the software. Here's a couple of things to check.

Open TaskManager (press Ctrl, Alt, Delete) and see if Immunet's main process is still running, that being sfc.exe. If it is try to kill it with TaskManager and then see if you can delete the Program Files folder. If that doesn't work try this CMD prompt. Open a cmd window (click on Start, type cmd in the Search bar and click on the cmd icon) and type exactly this: net stop immunetprotect    then press Enter. Then try to delete the folder again.

If you continue to have issues feel free to add another thread to this topic.
Regards, Ritchie...

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Hi Ritchie, Thank you for your response.


I checked for the sfc.exe in TaskManager and there is no sign of it running.


I also tried the net stop immunetprotect command  with no success.

(This service name is invalid)


It is the dcm and dut 'dll's that are still running somewhere.


Please could you recommend further steps.

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Mmm. No luck there huh? In the past when I discovered a file that refuses to be deleted after an uninstall doesn't go well I've used this free tool called Malwarebytes FileASSASSIN to complete the task. It can eradicate any locked file but not entire folders. Once you delete the files in question within the folder, the Program Files folder should be able to be normally deleted then. So give this a look! https://www.malwarebytes.com/fileassassin/


Here's a Youtube video that outlines how FileASSASSIN is used. The vid is a bit dated but the info is still relevant.

Cheers, Ritchie...

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Hi David, now I'm rather perplexed why FileASSASSIN didn't work! It's always worked as it should for me. Did you try both delete methods? Using the normal and the delete at reboot options?

There's another thing you could try with FileASSASSIN. First boot up in "Safe Mode" and then use FileASSASSIN. Try the delete at reboot method with FileASSASSIN and then do a restart. If that doesn't work I'm at a complete loss! I'll have to contact Support/Development for you to get them aware/involved in your ongoing issue.

Not a bad idea to also send Support an Email if the above method doesn't work too. Here's the URL: support @ immunet.com. Also mention you did start a forum Support (Issues & Defects) topic in your email.

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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