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JOHN 117

Surface Book

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My computer is a microsoft surface book, and it is having trouble displaying the text for the UI on immunet free edition. It is cutting off the text like, you can only see half of it. so ​the text looks something like this... general, or settings.  ​It looks like that! without the bottom half of the letters. I don't know how to change this if there is a setting since I cant see the text XD. I really hope someone can help me or, the devs here at immunet can patch this please :)

Was going to post a picture for better and more accurate representation, but apparently the file is too big :(


Thx to whoever helps out :)


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Hi John. The development team is aware of this bug. On some newer 4k screens the UI does not display correctly as you regrettably found out. Unfortunately there is no quick practical fix for this (you could try and temporarily change the screen resolution to a lower setting if you have to access the UI to see if that helps), a new bug fix build will have to be issued to address this UI problem. I have no info as to when this new bug fix version will be rolled-out, hopefully soon!

That is a little odd that you couldn't upload your screen shots to your post, maybe they were too large "because" of your screen resolution. There is a image size limitation for users and you do have to use the "Use Full Editor" option when attempting to upload images on this forum.

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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