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Noddeye's Security Config


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Hi! I'm noddeye and am new to this forum, and the Immunet antivirus.

I will now share with you my new security config. This isn't yet tried but I'll install it if you think it's a good config.


OS: Windows 10, Creators Update

UAC level: Always notify


Protection software:

RogueKiller (on-demand) I was not able to find an exclusion feature in the free version, so I uninstalled this software.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free (on-demand)

Panda Free Antivirus (real-time)

Immunet (real-time) - ClamAV engine enabled


EMCO Malware Destroyer (on-demand)


I will of course exclude the above software in each program. (However I'll not exclude MWB in MWB, or Panda in Panda, and so on. Because that is not recommended, right?)


RAM optimization tool (even though I have 8 GB of RAM, is this nice to have?)





What do you think about this config?

Comodo Firewall protects against zero-day threats, but does this config also protect me from that, without having Comodo Firewall? If not, is there another free alternative to Comodo Firewall - for zero-day protection? I'm asking because I want to be protected from everything, and don't want to use Comodo Firewall. I don't like Comodo, they include bloatware in the installation (at least in Comodo Firewall installer, I don't know about the others).



Am I protected, or shall I add something more? Perhaps I've missed something that will protect me from a type of threat that the other protection softwares don't protect me from.


Thanks in advance!

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I've now installed the above softwares and noticed a huge boot time and also the Immunet scanner process named "Sourcefire Connector" uses 97% of the CPU, which is an Intel i5-2540M @ 2.60GHz.

Else than that, the computer works as fine as before!

Oh, and in RogueKiller Free version, it's not possible to exclude (from what I can see) files/folders from the scan, so I'll hope it doesn't interfere with (or false positives) the other AV's/AntiMalware's.

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Okay, so apparently it is not possible to exclude folders/files from the free version of RogueKiller (it seems), so I'll uninstall RogueKiller and switch to another on-demand scanner, any recommendations?


Thanks in advance! And please also reply to my previous posts in this thread! :-)

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You got a good line-up there. I also use the active combination of Comodo Firewall, Panda Free & Immunet. I use MB as an on-demand scanner too. With this security set-up it takes a while for my system to boot up and load all the start-up programs too. Immunet will use up an amount of system resources when it's pulling down new updates & installing them but the system footprint should diminish after a few minutes.


It is recommended that any additional security software you use that you create an Exclusion for the programs just to avoid possible conflicts. Also, create an exclusion rule for Immunet's Program Files folder with the other apps.


If you want off-line scanning capabilities with Immunet you can enable the ClamAV module & auto updates for it. That's up to you if you want the extra protection. I have it enabled.

Regards, Ritchie...

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Thank you Ritchie! It's cool you have a similar security config, I might try to install Comodo Firewall without the bloatware. There is a way to do that.


Is it possible to install TDSSKiller and have it update automatically?


Now, an update:

I've installed a software called EMCO Malware Destroyer. It's a free on-demand virus scanner.

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Yeah, I wasn't pleased when Comodo tried to "push" the GeekBuddy service (which isn't free) on everyone on the first 10.0 build without the user's consent. "That created a bit of an uproar among Comodo users!" I know I voiced my displeasure on their forum for taking such an unethical approach. When updating to version 10 there should have been an opt out option for the GeekBuddy service but there wasn't. They have since corrected that situation though with their newest build. The GeekBuddy service in no longer automatically installed by default.


TDSSKiller only comes as an executable so it's up to you to make sure you're using the newest build. There are advantages to that. The .exe is not eating up a bunch of HD space if it were a traditionally installed software package located in your Program Files directory.

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Some folks do like to take a minimalist approach like you do username. That definitely saves on system resources being utilized that's for sure. If a person uses good browsing habits (not visiting questionable web sites) and uses caution in opening email links or attachments the minimalist approach can work adequately.


I'm not content with adequate. I like a more hardened system. Personally, I've almost always used some sort of layered approach over the years of PC use, even before my interest in Immunet. Not having to rely on just one active security solution (besides the firewall) gives me, if anything, an added sense of security I guess. To each his or her own!


"But always, always, ALWAYS use a firewall!!" Either use Microsoft's offering or some good third-party firewall like Comodo Firewall. I've read that some (so called) experts say a firewall isn't really needed for the "average" home PC user. That's a bunch of bull! Without a firewall that leaves your system "extremely vulnerable" to unauthorized access/hackers and some forms of malware like adware, spyware, browser hijackers & internet worms. With hackers and malware authors becoming more imaginative that makes it even more essential to use a good firewall. Secondly, one does absolutely need a good AV product installed. That should go without saying.


Don't forget though that Immunet can be used as a companion AV to most major player's AV products for that added layer of security.

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I use Peerblock (Open Source / Firewall) Immunet (Realtime) Malware Bytes (On-Demand) and BitDefender 10 Free Edition (On-Demand / No realtime in free edition).


BitDefender 10 Free Edition Download: http://filehippo.com/de/download_bitdefender/


PeerBlock : http://filehippo.com/de/download_peerblock/


For more informations: http://forums.peerblock.com/





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Besides Immunet I use Norton on demand Security Scan, AWD Cleaner, TDS Killer, Malware Bites on demand, and Windows Defender.

I know Windows Defender has had bad reviews in the past but with the latest updates in Windows 10 it seems to be much improved, what does anyone think ?


Forgot about this one, here's a software if anyone is interested works with windows firewall, called Windows 10 firewall control (free version) - http://www.sphinx-soft.com/Vista/order.html  Windows 7, 8 and 10 friendly.

been using it for years in windows 7. pretty well covered, me thinks, and all for free, bonus :)

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