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service isn't running


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Hello samuel & thanks for your interest in Immunet.

This behavior is usually caused by an issue with one or more of Immunet's Windows processes being interfered with by your firewall and/or other installed security software. I copied this data from a previous post but I believe it's pertinent to what you're also encountering.

 In order for Immunet's UI to function correctly it does require that the Windows processes that the software uses has both, unencumbered, incoming & outgoing access to the internet.

This can sometimes be an issue with ones' firewall or other installed security app(s). You may have to create allow/exception/exclusion rules for the required processes with your current security software. You could look into that to see if that corrects the issue.

Here are the Windows executable applications & file paths that require internet access:
 iptray.exe - Windows (C:)\Program Files\Immunet\\iptray
sfc.exe - Windows (C:)\Program Files\Immunet\\sfc
cscm.exe - Windows (C:)\Program Files\Immunet\\cscm
freshclam.exe (if the ClamAV module is enabled) - Windows (C:)\Program Files\Immunet\clamav\\freshclam

Happy Holidays, Ritchie...

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I am running Immunet on my personal Windows Server 2016 and I have the same problem.

I tried excluding the paths, but it did not work.

Other security software I am using:
- Avira Server Pro
- Cyberarms IDDS

I tried disabling the Avira & Cyberarms software, but that wasn't helpful.

Edit: Immunet Security Connector Monitoring Service 7.5.8 is running

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Hi Georg E.,

Windows Server 2016 is a supported platform with Immunet.

Make sure your firewall isn't the cause of this behavior & double check that exclusions for all the processes that Immunet uses was created for your currently installed security applications & your firewall. 

If you're certain that all Immunet exclusions are in place for your apps & firewall you could do a 'clean uninstall' & reinstall of Immunet just in case an error occurred during the install process or your copy of Immunet got corrupted some how.

During uninstalling, when asked by the uninstaller if you plan to reinstall Immunet again choose the 'NO' option & proceed with the remainder of the uninstall. This deletes all custom settings so you will have to reconfigure Immunet's settings to the way you had them.

Another option for you & since you are using a server environment Immunet does have an 'enterprise version' called Secure Endpoint (formally called AMP for Endpoints).

Secure Endpoint will provide "much better" security, is highly configurable to your specific needs compared to Immunet & can be installed on multiple endpoints simultaneously (something you can't do with Immunet unless you write your own install scripts).  

Although not free like Immunet, Secure Endpoint is reasonably priced & even negotiable depending on the number of endpoints to be covered and the length of the license you prefer. There's even a free 30 day trial period!

Here's a URL link for Secure Endpoint if you'd like to take a look at that. https://www.cisco.com/site/us/en/products/security/endpoint-security/secure-endpoint/index.html 

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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