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At Setup of Immunet Antivirus the name of the Publisher is shown as "Unknown" - Why?


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Why is the Setup of Immunet Antivirus not verified as genuine by Microsoft?  All security of Windows PCs require that only safe files are run at setup and as the setup file for Immunet Antivirus does not show the name of the Publisher, this alone shows that it has not been verified by Microsoft as being a secure file.   I would like to use Immunet Antivirus but this security requirement has not been met and throws some doubt as to how secure and genuine this product is.   Has Immunet Antivirus any plans to have this security blip remedied by having the Publisher verified by Microsoft?

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Hello Castleupton,

"Believe me, there's certainly 'nothing malicious' about Immunet!" So you can safely install the AV without having to worry about any included arbitrary code.

How long do you think an AV would last if it was found out that there's something malicious going on with the app? Immunet has been around for 'well over' a decade!

The parent company that acquired Immunet AV after purchasing Sourcefire Inc. is Cisco Systems. I'm sure you've heard of that tech giant before. Actually, Immunet started out as it's own Limited Liability Company (LLC) before being purchased by Sourcefire.

Why Microsoft does not recognize Immunet's parent company as the publisher, that's something the development team would have to answer for you.

My assumption would be that Immunet has never been submitted by the developers to Microsoft for verification purposes. That's just an educated guess on my part, of course, since I don't work with the development team. 

I would recommend you also add an additional topic to the Forum's 'Ideas' section to ask if there could be a remediation implemented concerning this subject. That's something I too would like to see happen & thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Regards, Ritchie... 

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