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Immunet 6 - Initial Dissection, Etc.


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Hi Dallas! Glad to see ya posting again! Very concise report!


There is a serious bug with this build however. It seems that the settings can't be changed from their default configuration. The Apply button seems to be non-functional. You can make changes to the settings, click apply and then click on settings again and it has reverted back to the default config. Although from observation the manually added exclusions & scheduled scan are remembered and seem unaffected. Are you observing this behavior too Dallas?


I would have been happy to private alpha and/or public beta test this build first before it got rolled-out as other folks would have volunteered their time too I'm sure. I even bet you would have been one to volunteer for this test phase had it taken place. I don't know why volunteer testing doesn't occur anymore just to find & fix bugs like this before it's released to the general public. I could have dusted off my VM test rig if required.


Best wishes, Ritchie...

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Ok, there is a bug fix version available to correct this. You do need to do an uninstall first if you've already updated from 5.0. I would recommend to everyone that you do a clean uninstall by selecting, during the uninstall process, that your previous settings are not saved. You will have to add your own exclusions & the scheduled scan again after updating. https://download.immunet.com/binaries/immunet/bin/ImmunetSetup.exe

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Hi there,


Thanks for your interest in Immunet! Some responses to your questions below:


We have indeed partnered with Morphisec in order to increase the protection that we provide! Their technology is part of a larger solution that we have developed as the Advanced Threat Prevention engine. We did not call one technology out specifically because only parts of their overall solution are enabled in Immunet.


As for what determines ProtectorXX.dll injection – you are not seeing them loaded everywhere because we currently only target specific processes, based on commonly exploited vectors. Furthermore, Immunet 6.0 also only protects 32bit processes at this time. We hope to add 64bit protection in a future release!


Regarding the Tetra engine: Unfortunately, we have stopped providing Tetra as an option in Immunet, but it is still an option in the enterprise version of our product.


Hopefully this answers your questions to your satisfaction!




The Immunet Protect team.  

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