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Installing Immunet Breaks Ms Office 2010


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Hi Everyone,


I am running MS Windows 8.1 (x64) with MS Office 2010. I installed Immunet and allowed it to run a Flash Scan. After that had completed, I found that quite a few DLLs related to MS Office had been deleted from the Windows\System32 directory.


I restored my system back to a previous recovery point, and I verified that all of the MS Office apps were working correctly again.


Then as a test, I reinstalled Immunet and once again chose the Flash Scan option. As before, this caused MS Office to stop working because of missing DLL files in System32.


I am wondering if anyone else has had this experience?




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Hi Ian, there was definitely issues with Immunet's 6.0.2 version and some users of Windows 10. There is a new version that addresses the issue of some apps not launching. You can update to this build using the UI by simply clicking on the Update Now button. That should correct the issue you're seeing.

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