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6.0.2 Memory Corruption

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My Immunet opdated to 6.0.2 yesterday. After a reboot, i got bluescreen each and every time machine had been running for 3-4-5 minuttes.

My memory dump shows it is caused my memory corruption by kernel.exe.


As soon as i uninstalled Immunet, no more BSOD.


I am running Windows 10 home build 1703 latest updates with Avast AV.


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It's becoming increasing apparent that the newest version of Immunet has some serious bugs when it comes to the Windows 10 Operating System! The devs really need to take a look into this situation sooner rather than later I hope!

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Hi robvil, there is a new build available that does address the issues that some Win 10 users were experiencing. Here's some additional info by EugeneC regarding the issue:

We've identified an incompatibility with the new Advanced Threat Prevention engine and a recent Windows 10 update. If your computer is running Windows 10 Creator's edition and has applied Windows Update KB4038788, you may be encountering stability issues with processes that are protected by this engine. Updating to Immunet 6.0.4 should alleviate these issues.
You can tell if you have this patch applied by running 'winver' from the Start menu. If you see Build 1703 (15063.608), then you may be affected by the issue mentioned above. You can also check to see if KB4038788 is listed under the 'Hotfix(s)' section when running 'systeminfo' from the Start menu.
The Immunet Protect team
You can get this newest version at this URL: https://www.immunet.com/index

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