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Delete Old Version Folders


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Win 7 SP-1 64 bit


Currently running Immunet and having a few (minor?) problems but before I work on them I investigated and find I have folders from old versions still in C:\Program Files\Immunet.


The folders are:

  • 3.1.8   Driver folder, two logs and temp.txt  (38.1MB)
  • 3.1.13 One log (11.2 MB)
  • 5.0.2   Twelve logs (534 MB)
  • 6.0.0   DLLs and a log (4.16 MB)
  • 6.0.2   DLLs and a log (6.04 MB)

While their total is not very significant if they are not necessary I would like to delete them. Logs and Temp.txt should be OK to delete but DLLs and Drivers?


OK to delete all of these folders which appear to have been left behind during upgrades?


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It doesn't do any harm if you delete the folders relating to the old builds in the Immunet Program Files directory but it is best if you leave the last one or two builds intact for support or troubleshooting purposes, just in case.


Unfortunately you need to completely kill Immunet to do so but I no longer know the CMD's to manually kill & restart Immunet without re-booting with this newest build. You can log in as Administrator & then re-start & boot-up into Safe Mode without Networking and then you should be able to delete those old folders I believe.


Best wishes, Ritchie...

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Wow ebloch! I didn't know you can stop and re-start the ImmunetProtect_6.0.4 service like that by using the Services tab, never tried that with this or the other previous builds! Thanks much for sharing your solution! That will be some great info to remember for future reference. That's also a heck of a lot easier than the method I recommended.

If you click on the Processes tab and try and kill iptray.exe or sfc.exe by ending the process(s) it's not possible that way though. That I knew and that's why I thought Safe Mode would be the best option.


That's part of what this forum is all about, fellow Immunet users sharing information and helping each other out whenever possible. Good job ebloch and you get a well deserved "Like" from me on your last thread & thanks for your continued interest in Immunet Protect!

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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