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Gui Displays Last Scanned As "never" And "not Secure"


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Win 7 SP-1 64 bit Immunet currently but the following applies from earlier versions.


I run an unattended overnight batch to do backups and scans for various "bad" actors. On Wednesdays Immunet does the scan but, since there is no command line interface I use a "button pusher" called PTFBpro to do the work. Following is a simplification of my commands:


---- Early in batch ---

CALL "C:\Users\...\Documents\Batch Files\_Versions.bat" Y   < extracts current version of Immunet (every day)

SET "_ICF=C:\Program Files\Immunet\%ImmunetVer%"         <_ICF is location of current version

--- Wednesday ---

SC START ImmunetProtect_%ImmunetVer% > NUL & TIMEOUT 30 > NUL    <restart service shut down earlier in batch
START "" "%_ICF%\iptray.exe" > NUL                         < opens Immunet GUI so PTFBpro can act
START "" /WAIT %PTFB% 74F5                                 < Runs Immunet Full Scan and proceeds after PTFBpro completes

Immunet runs the scan.



After the scan Immunet GUI always displays Last Scanned as "Never" and "Not Secure" even though the scan has completed. If I run a Flash Scan that completes in about 32 seconds and reports "Secure"with the proper scan date and time. After a short time (sorry not measured) it again displays Last Scanned as "Never" and "Not Secure".


Does Immunet report scan errors to a user or only logs problems in its log without any indication? After scan completion I look at the Clean File History and there are always files there with the correct date and time.


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It sounds like some of your .db history files have become corrupted. Perhaps this PTFBpro software and Immunet are not compatible with each other if it's manipulating the history files like that.


An uninstall & re-install should correct the history files issue but if you run the other program they might just get corrupted again if that is the case.


Immunet was not designed to be accessed by third-party software programs. Don't forget that Immunet does have a scheduled scan feature that you can utilize instead. I have it set to run a daily flash scan on my machine.


Immunet does not notify the user of scan errors, it only logs them.


Regards, Ritchie...

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