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Is Immunet Discontinued

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Hello MemeForcast,

No, Immunet has not been discontinued!

0 users protected from 0 malware? What web site did you get that outdated/incorrect info from? That info is not from the 'official' Immunet web site home page here. https://www.immunet.com/index 

The last newest build was released in late August of 2022, so that was only about half a year ago!

The development team is actively working on a new build that should be publicly rolled-out soon because of a vulnerability issue with the current ClamAV source code that Immunet uses. Because of this issue it is recommended that the ClamAV module & updates for it are temporarily disabled for now until the new build is released.

Normally though, if you use Immunet as a stand-alone AV it is recommended that ClamAV be used. If you use Immunet as a companion AV to another AV solution just use the ETHOS & SPERO cloud engines instead, that helps with the amount of system resources being utilized. Either way you use Immunet always keep the cloud detection engines enabled.

It is a good idea to enable both 'Scan Archive Files' & 'Scan Packed Files' (just click on the Scan Settings tab after entering Settings). Most forms of malware do come as compressed files. However, this may increase scan times if you have many legitimate compressed files installed on your computer such as .rar, .zip, .7zip, etc...

Unless instructed to do so, always keep 'Verbose Tray Notifications' & 'Debug Logging' turned off as that is for troubleshooting or debugging purposes only.

Personally speaking, I keep 'Blocking Mode' turned off as that can make installing new, or updating, software take more time but you can use that if you wish as well.

I like to use 'Cloud Notifications' turned on in Notification Settings as that will tell you when Immunet has an internet connection & is currently connected to the cloud by a little pop-up message when Immunet launches at start-up.

If you have any additional questions I didn't touch on feel free to add an additional thread to this topic.

Cheers, Ritchie...

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HI Ritchie and Memeforcast

I think MemeForcast was looking at an older version of the website as for a while it was saying 0 users and 0 malware. It has sonce been updated and no longer says it. Looks like it was fixed on Feb 17th when the certificate was renewed.  While I would like to see the gui updated to a more modern interface, Immunet is still a good companion AV to run along your main AV. 



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Hey Scats,

It's been a little while since you posted anything new but glad to see you're still with the Immunet community my friend!

Honestly though, I'm still not sure which other site you guys are referring to. You could PM me & add a link to that site if you wanted to Scats so I could see for myself. Obviously it's not the official home site. 

I've been doing this moderator/support work for over 10 years so I'm bound to forget a few things that aren't a current priority along the way, lol!

I here what your saying, Immunet does make a great added layer of protection if used in conjunction with another AV product. Personally that's the only way I would use Immunet, another added layer of protection in my anti-malware arsenal!

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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Hey Ritchie,

Yeah, it's been a bit. I definitely need to be a bit more active on the community lol. 


Unfortunately I can't find that one anymore. It looks like the main site was updated. Should have grabbed a screenshot when I noticed it. I'll keep my eyes out if it's seen again however. 

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