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Ftp Submission


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Hello people.


I have by several been asked about the possibility to upload malwares to FTP instead of mail. I have therefor been setting up a FTP server for malware submissions so you have this option instead.


Because of small things I won’t get into here, I would like to have you PM or mail me at: Pedersen@immunet.com for be granted access to the server. Each member will get his / her own folder to upload to.


To avoid unnecessary work with few files, I would like if you only use this option if you have a “nearly” daily feed or a collection about 100 megabyte+

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why not use another email adds. (for exam: virus@immunet.com or sample@immunet.com) ? - it's easier to remember

Anthony (admin) has PINNED the email address: support@samples.immunet.com for malware analysis (infection or false postives), so why change routine again?



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