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Immunet Interferes With Windows Update

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I have found that a cumulative update for Windows is consistently failing after installing Immunet. The update succeeded after uninstalling Immunet. There are other updates, like Security and Adobe updates that succeeded even though Immunet was installed, but that specific cumulative update failed. Other anti-virus systems have also been reported to cause the problem. The cumulative update succeeded even though Avast Free Antivirus, Malwarebytes, and Windows Firewall were installed and running.


Problems downloading Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4041676) :



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Hello Zer0re5, please check your personal messenger regarding who to contact regarding this issue.


I do find it a little odd, however, that this update was pushed to Win 10 users back in the 10th of October and no other Immunet user has reported the same KB4041676 update issue thus far.

That's not to say that this issue you're encountering is any less important because of that fact! The development team does take any Windows update conflicts with Immunet very seriously!

Regards, Ritchie...

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