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Hacker Group Now Targeting Our Children!

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It's not recent news that hackers have been targeting our institutions of higher learning. In my home state of Pennsylvania, Penn State University  was recently hacked as an example. If that wasn't bad enough read on.


What I find "completely reprehensible & totally disgusting" is that a group calling themselves "The Dark Overlord" have now targeted elementary, middle & high schools!


In one case they were able to hack into the video surveillance system of an elementary school to spy on the children. In some cases they have actually threatened to harm the children if a ransom was not paid.


They have also attempted to steal personal data from the databases of these affected schools, such as names, birth-dates, addresses, social security numbers, etc...


There are even some dark web hacker groups that have actually condemned this Dark Overlord group for overstepping their bounds for targeting children! After all even a hacker may be a family man or woman with kids.


Internet-security experts are urging all school districts across the country to either invest more money in cyber-security measures or take pro-active steps to better secure their databases because of this.

"These scum-bag cyber-criminals have sunk to a new low and I hope they are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!!!"

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This same hacker group were also responsible for the recent attempt to con money from Netflix customers using bogus emails. Here is additional information concerning this Dark Overlord hacker group from the Daily Beast news service (please be advised this news article does contain adult language).



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