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Any idea on when the next version will be out ... ?

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Hi and thanks in advance to whoever responds - when will the next version of Immunet be available?

Also, I understand that a new build will need to be done to counter the ClamAV vulnerability.  Correct?

Will this new "build" also see a new UI, new software code, and so on?  Hopefully a more "modern" take.

If there is no "official" date set in stone just yet, how about a general timeframe?  That'd be appreciated.

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Hello again Omnimaxus,

Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything new when the new build of Immunet will be publicly rolled-out from the dev team but the ClamAV vulnerability will definitely be addressed at that time. Personally, I'm really starting to wonder why it's taking so long & I have no ETA on that! 

It would be nice to see an updated UI but at the moment I'd just like to see the new build released some time very soon!

With your last posting I can see why you don't currently want to use Immunet if you wish to use it as a stand-alone AV & not being able to use ClamAV.

I wish I had better news for you but that's the way things currently stand.

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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