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Clamav Problem Updating


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There is a problem with offline update files. I use 32bit version at home and I have tried several times to uninstall and install again Immunet but it wont udate clamav.
At the moment it wont update at all. But before it was downloading twice daily.cvd and it ended up with error.

This is happening the last 2 weeks and it won't work.

At other pc's with 32bit and 64bit everything is fine.

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Ok, just making sure it wasn't a 10 issue. Yeah, that is really weird behavior! Have you checked the settings recently to see if they've been changed somehow or by someone other than you? That's the first thing I would've checked. Just trying to cover all the bases here.


I did think of something that could perhaps cause this to happen, if the process freshclam.exe is being blocked by your firewall or other security program(s) you may have installed. This process (used when the ClamAV module is enabled) does need internet access along with sfc.exe & iptray.exe (Immunet's two main Windows processes).


If the ClamAV module and updates for it are enabled and unchanged & freshclam.exe (or other processes) are not being blocked then I would suggest you send in a Support Diagnostic Tool report directly to Support via email at this URL: support@immunet.com

Here's some info that explains how to send in a SDT report. http://support.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/1672-how-do-i-submit-a-support-diagnostic-tool-report/

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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