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Uninstalling Immunet 6.0.6 In Safe Mode

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Hi all, 


I've had this tucked away in the announcement section but I'm posting again here to ensure that everyone views it. If you are having trouble uninstalling Immunet 6.0.6 can you please follow the instructions below then confirm your windows version along with if it was successful?


Thank you!



"If you are experiencing Windows 10 issues and are unable to uninstall Immunet please follow the instructions below.

  1. While holding the shift key on your keyboard click start-> power -> restart (you can let go of shift now)
  2. Windows will reboot into a troubleshooting wizard, click troubleshoot -> advanced options -> start-up settings -> restart
  3. The computer will reboot into a startup settings   wizard,  press  4  or F4  to boot into safe mode
  4. Once the computer finishes booting into safe mode, login, then click start-> settings -> Apps-> Immunet -> uninstall-> uninstall
  5. The immunet uninstall wizard will start -> next -> close -> Click No   to the question  about if you plan on re-installing immunet ) (we do hope you will give immunet another Try once we are fully compatible with the fall creators update, but for now we need to ensure immunet is fully uninstalled)
  6. -> Yes  (this last yes will reboot your machine out of safe mode back into normal mode.)"


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