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Immunet 6.06 - Windows 7 - "needs Update"


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I have a friend running Immunet 6.06 on their windows 7 box, I just helped them install it recently, it states that it is "Not Updated" and to "Fix It" - yet when we click "Fix It" it says that it is up to date and stays yellow.


They use a cellular hotspot for their internet connectivity due to living in the middle of nowhere.



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You might want to check if your friend's modem/router has a built in hardware firewall. There are times when the necessary ports need manually created allow rules to the modem/router hardware firewall. Refer to the router manufacture's owners manual on how to create these rules. http://support.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/1849-manually-configure-ports-in-your-firewall/


If it's not a router hardware firewall issue also check the PC's software firewall (as with the hardware firewall the software firewall also needs the proper allow rules) & any other installed third-party security programs that may block or interfere with Immunet's processes which are sfc.exe, iptray.exe (and freshclam.exe if the ClamAV module is enabled). That's a couple of things you can look into RP13326.


It could also be a connectivity issue, Immunet loosing it's connection during the update process because of intermittent Internet access . If that's the problem there's not much can be done there unless they get a more reliable internet service provider.

Regards, Ritchie...

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I think I have the solution, because I had the same problem.

After the analysis of Immunet support, it came up that there was something wrong with the dns providers of my connection.

It works perfect now, after changing DNS settings on my PC in IPv4 settings to Google's. and


I am pretty sure that this is the solution!

Please let me know if it works for you too.

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While a borked DNS setting/server can cause this issue very well..


I am using Google's DNS since ever and always seeing this problem after installation first time - to me it's a software flaw not doing the initial update properly or not doing the initial update at all.

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