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" . . .The Immunet Service is not running. Please restart the service and retry."


I do not KNOW how to restart the service.


Everything was working great, then I was getting Alpha Shoppers instead of Google.

I searched for how to remove it and I checked Immunet and it wouldn't open.

So I followed one of the suggestions and installed the free Spy Hunter

SH didn't find the Alpha Shoppers but when I went to Immunet it still wasn't working

I'm not inclined to keep SH. They want money before they will fix the problems they "found" and i'm not sure they actually exit.

How can I find the files on my computer they say they have?


Note that I do NOT have the Immunet 6 but I do have Windows 10 64 bit and something updated recently but I"m not sure what version that was.

I didn't select anything, it just happened.



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SpyHunter is one of those misleading AV programs that let you do a free scan but want you to pay up to fix the issue(s) if anything is found. Is this practice legal? Yes, but in my view, very unethical and unprofessional.

It does sound like you got infected with some sort of malicious code if you're now getting some unknown shopping site loading when you open your browser. I would assume you've already tried System Restore with no results.


The first thing I would do is check and see if there any browser plug-ins you didn't install yourself or are not there by default. If so see if the browser can delete them.


Some forms of malware also do have the ability to disable your installed AV program.

After deleting any unknown plug-ins I would suggest you see if you can download and install Malwarebytes Free at the link provided (I've used this as an additional on-demand scanner for years). If you can install it then "update the MB program first", then "restart your computer into Safe Mode without Networking" and "run a full scan of all your drives" to see if that has any positive results. https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/thankyou/

Regards, Ritchie...

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It's a good thing you didn't find any suspicious plug-ins or extensions. Sorry Randy, I wrongfully assumed you already knew how to enter Safe Mode. Not everyone is technically savvy when it comes to computers, sometimes I forget that fact. My apologies to you. 


If you have Malwarebytes Free already installed first manually update the program to make sure you've got all the newest malware definition signatures, close MB after updating, then boot-up into Safe Mode (no networking).

Getting into Safe Mode with Windows 10 can be a little tricky the old fashioned way by pressing the F8 key like a demented woodpecker just before Windows begins to load! Here is a great article from PCWorld.com that adequately explains some steps to take to simplify this procedure for Win 10 users but "don't choose the Safe Mode with Networking option" as they suggest, select the "Safe Mode" option instead. https://www.pcworld.com/article/2984712/windows/how-to-enter-windows-10s-safe-mode.html


Once Windows loads the necessary drivers & files in Safe Mode your desktop will look a lot different because of the Windows default screen resolution being used and your non-Windows start-up programs not being launched, also your Internet Network system tray icon will have a red X covering it, that's all normal for Safe Mode (no networking).

Find the Malwarebytes icon, click on it and select the Custom Scan option then do a full scan of all your hard drives while still in Safe Mode. It could take a while for the scan to complete if there's a lot of data to be analyzed on your hard drive(s). After the scan has completed and (hopefully) Malwarebytes has quarantined the malicious files simply re-start and your computer will boot-up normally.

Let us know if Malwarebytes finds the culprit & if Immunet still refuses to launch afterwards.

Cheers, Ritchie...

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