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Can't Update From 6.0.6 To 6.0.8 As Installer Is Detected As Malware


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When trying to update to 6.0.8 through the Software in-built updater, once the downloaded package is extracted and the verification process is initiated, it is detected as Clam.Win.Trojan.Agent-6400203-0 and quarantined, causing the message "Package Could Not Be Verified" on the Cisco Universal Installer Setup.

Current installed version is reported as

EDIT: The OS is Windows 7 Ultimate




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Hi yasser, no I don't believe that the update server has been compromised in some way. It's the ClamAV module that's falsely flagging this as malicious. The updater file(s) needs to be white listed with ClamAV asap!


As a temporary workaround to this situation, I believe if you disabled the ClamAV module in Settings first, do a re-boot and then try to update to version 6.0.8 that should let the new version updater package complete. That's worth a try I think.


Of course another option would be to simply uninstall 6.0.5 first, then install 6.0.8. For unrelated reasons I had to uninstall 6.0.5 a while back. I did a new install of just a few days ago and that went without a hitch for me with my Win 7 Ultimate machine. https://download.immunet.com/binaries/immunet/bin/ImmunetSetup.exe


Regards, Ritchie...

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