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A Few Issues With Build

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Hello all, glad to see the Win 10 Creators Edition bug is (hopefully) resolved with this new build.

When installing 6.0.8 (a new install) the installer seemed to freeze or crash on the first try (see image) having to use Task Manager to kill the application. I tried a re-boot and ran the installer again after which the install did complete, starting where it failed to complete the first time. This could have been an issue with Comodo Firewall (since new process allow rules have to be created with each new Immunet build) and not with the bootstrapper but I've never personally encountered exactly this type of behavior with an Immunet installer package & Comodo Firewall before.

Also, the Last Updated date/time on the UI is incorrect (see image). I tried to manually update a few times to see if that would correct the discrepancy to no avail.

O.S. - Win 7 Ultimate x64 Build:7601 SP1

Other than these two minor issues nothing else to report at this time.
Regards, Ritchie...

post-175-0-92385700-1513740101_thumb.jpg post-175-0-85834600-1513740277_thumb.jpg


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I do have something else to report.

I noticed that if I click on the Summary tab then Detailed History and start scrolling down the list of entries that this can cause iptray.exe to crash. The UI will disappear along with the tray icon seconds later when this happens. However it is possible to re-launch iptray by clicking the Desktop icon. The sys tray icon reappears and the UI is accessible again.

This seems to occur if you scroll down the list too quickly for the program to handle. While attempting to load the additional history data & display the currently loaded entries thus causes iptray to crash would be my extrapolation. The history files not being able to be accessed quickly enough perhaps?

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