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Do I Need It With Other Anti-Malware Products, And Is It Compatible With Them?


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Howdy all


I'm curious about this product, and if it would be wise/recommended, considering I already run these 3 products...


1. Norton Security

2. Malwarebytes Premium

3. HitmanPro.Alert


Question 1:

Would this product add something important that isn't already well covered by those 3 products?


Question 2:

Would the product even be compatible with those 3 products I run?


Just musing about this, and hoping for some useful feedback.




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Hello Mark, in all honesty you already have a "killer layered security set-up!"


If you also included Immunet I believe that the additional system resources being used really wouldn't be worth the extra cloud protection that Immunet would provide.


Immunet is compatible with Norton (with some tweeking) & Malwarebytes however. HitmanPro is not in the list of supported vendors so I have no other info regarding that AV package.

Happy Holidays, Ritchie...

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Hi Ritchie


(nod) Yes, I think I do have a well above average home network/PC security setup. In addition to those 3 products, I also use a top-rated router with some expert built-in security (https://www.checkpoint.com/products/700-security-appliances/), and I use the OpenDNS Prosumer Umbrella Roaming Client to protect/encrypt my DNS traffic. I also use a VPN at times, and run a few browser plugins for additional layers of security.


Despite all that, I still feel a little vulnerable to falling victim to malware. Haha. I don't think I'm paranoid (insert joke here), I'm just fairly aware of the many online dangers, and that there are a lot of clever hackers out there that never sleep.


Thanks for the info, and happy holidays and best wishes for 2018.




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