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happy new year first of all. I´ve recently installed the latest Version on a machine behind a proxy server. I can´t update virus definitions. During new installation Proxy Settings were skipped; no proxy detected. Is there a way to manyually configure the proxy settings?



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Happy New Year to you too spalatin. Your proxy settings should have been automatically detected. Why that's not occurring is a little strange!


May I suggest you send Support an email outlining the issue that you're encountering at this address. support@immunet.com


Include the version of Immunet you have installed and what Operating System you're using in the email along with a detailed explanation of the issue and add any documentation screen shots you have taken as an attachment (if any).


Cheers, Ritchie...

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Hello Ritchie,

I have the same problem, with Immunet installed on a W2012 R2 server (virtualized), using a proxy.

May I send too an email to support@immunet, or should I wait for an answer on this topic ?

All the best,


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I use Privoxy on my Win7 system. All web communications filters through it. Immunet does not detect it. But the updates work. I whitelist any software I trust that needs web access in my firewall. I think the firewall then directs the traffic through the proxy. All of my browsers, games & auto updaters work fine using this method.

Just a thought on an aging post & problem.

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Here is a list of Domains and URL's used by Immunet. Most of them use ports 80 & 443.

These Domains mostly use port  443/SSL, but may fall back to 80/HTTP, and also occasionally use 32137  TCP & UDP.

















current.cvd.win.clamav.net is accessed via a DNS query (port 53), and returns the IP of the nearest least busy ClamAV definitions server. Keep an eye on the up to date icon in the bottom right of Immunet’s interface and if it’s not a green check-mark click update now and if it still doesn’t change to a green check-mark after the update finishes then likely Immunet can’t reach the appropriate ClamAV definitions sever. 

Unfortunately the direct IP addresses Immunet connects to aren’t necessarily long lived and can’t reliably be whitelisted. They're generally only used in the case of DNS lookups failing continuously.


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Thank you so much for your quick reply.

I had those sites and ips all added to the proxy server.  I am still having trouble with one machine and the other is fine.  Any ideas?  Here is the symptoms and what i have tried:

1. I believe both machines are set up very similar.  The same vs security and connecting to the internet as far as i can see. 

2. Both have to use the proxy to get out to webpages and do so successfully.  I have checked proxy in the network settings, checked with netsh commands and they all seem correct.

3. Both machines when i look at the Immunet Proxy settings say no proxy detected.  Again the one works fine through the proxy and both machines are fine on proxy and internet.

4. For the computer that is not working, i get a cannot connect to the server error  (error 0).

5. If I shut down the router rules that block https, the machine will update and stay updated it appears (even with rules turned back on) until it is restarted, then gives the error.

6. I have tried installing, reinstalling, etc.  Do you have any suggestions to try?

Thanks, Merle

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Hi Merle,

That is rather strange! Does both machines use the same Operating System & the same security setup? Is there anything different that you can think of between the two machines?

Why the UI is not detecting your proxy service is troubling though. That should be detected automatically by Immunet! This could be a bug with the software unfortunately.

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If you would like to participate Merle, there is the Verbose Tray Notifications Setting you can enable (this feature is for troubleshooting/diagnostic purposes) for both machines and then send us a Support Diagnostic Tool Report for both.

If you enable the VTN feature you will start getting some different pop-up messages from Immunet that you're not use to seeing. Immunet's log files will increase in size, disk I/O, CPU & RAM usage may increase at times too. This behavior is normal when this setting is enabled.

I can give you detailed instructions on how to accomplish that if you give it a go and/or have any questions.

For anyone else who reads this thread "do not enable" the Verbose Tray Notifications feature unless instructed to do so.

Regards, Ritchie...


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Yes I would be very thankful to have that help.  Can you send those to me directly via email?  info@champion.org?  If not I will check back in.  Thank you again for your help.  Would love to find a simple solution.  Very puzzling to me.


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Sorry for the delay in responding. I came down with that darn flu virus that's goin' around. I was down for the count for a few days, wishing someone would just put me out of my misery, lol!

Instead of using your personal email it would be more convenient if we use the forum's Private Message feature. Just click on the little envelope icon on the upper right-hand side of the page after logging in to view or send a PM. It's that easy.

I'll send you a PM on how to start the diagnostic procedure and where & who to send the data to.

Regards, Ritchie...

Edit: PM sent!

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This worked to get it scanning: 

Follow socuteboy's comments.

If immunet does not detect your proxy, you have to declare it with winhttp or import it from the internet explorer :

C:\Windows\system32>netshnetsh>winhttpnetsh winhttp>netsh winhttp>set proxy proxy_server "<local>" (ex : set proxy

or import form internet explorer

netsh winhttp>import proxy source=ie

I then uninstalled and reinstalled and it detected the proxy.  Also you could try stop/start of the service.  i didn't try that.

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