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Protect Tray Client Stops Working/crashes


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Hi All,



I'm new to this forum, so i hope i put this in the correct place, if not, just let me know  :unsure:


I recently installed Immunet ( on my home server (running Win Server 2012 R2 fully updated) along side MSE.


I immediately ran into some issues:


- (solved)

   MSE was detecting the .tmp files from Immunet as threats, which after some searching on the forum seems to be a known issue and false positive (excluded the Immunet folder from/in MSE)


- (being worked on)

   I also suffer from the "0 people protected from 0 threats" issue.

   And although i don't fully understand how this works/what this does, i believe that the ClamAV engine is still doing it's job?

   From searching the forum i also found that this is an issue that affects many others and is being investigated.


- (ongoing problem)

   In the Protect Tray Client, every time a take a look at the History (no matter what i select in the "View By") and scroll down to the last line, the Protect Tray Client stops working/crashes.

   It's easy to reproduce as it happens every time...

   Someone who has the same issue and/or knows what is happening?      






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I am running an Acer Aspire laptop w/Win7 64 fully updated. I am running newest version of Immunet w/all engines on. 0 people 0 threats is an ongoing problem that does not seem to affect function or protection.


I also run MSE, McAfee Stinger's Real Protect and Cybereason. I run Stingers manually to back up real time protections. All are whitelisted with each other and in the firewall.


Just checked my Immunet history and it goes back several weeks. DID NOT crash... Working fine as is everything else but cloud info.


GL and God bless. :D

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