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Can't Restore File From Quarantine


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Hello Folks, I am unable to restore a quarantined file using the Clamav Plus GUI. The error is something to the effect of "unable to restore quarantined file please check that agent is running.

I have verified that Clamav agent is running. Made many attempts at downloading the file being quarantined and then try to restore it with NO results.


Is there a manual way to restore the file in question from the "quarantine" file that Clamav creates? I see the "quarantine file that calmav creats in "C:\Program Files\ClamAV for Windows\Quarantine" the date and time stamp of the file is exactly when clamav reports that the virus was discovered. I would really like to restore this file. If the clam av mechanism to restore the file. is there another way to do it? Thank you toast..... Oh the file size is only 199K but for what ever reason I can't attach the file to upload. "you aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" nice......

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