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Are Immunet Exposing The Api Through 3310 Port


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We are currently running the windows version of ClamAV and connecting to the API on port 3310 (clamd.exe).


We connect to this through our application like this

 var clam = new ClamClient("localhost", 3310);

We would like to start use Immunet to get full automated protection on the filesystem, but we would still want our app to connect to the ClamAV engine through 3310 (or any other port).


I installed Immunet now and it doesn't seem to open up this by default.

Anyway i can do this?





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Hi jimmiea, when the ClamAV module is enabled in Immunet's Settings it uses the Windows process freshclam.exe to pull down new defs but I'm not sure exactly which port that process uses when active.


However these are the active ports that Immunet needs for ETHOS, SPERO cloud lookups & ClamAV updates: 53-UDP, 80-TCP, 443-TCP and 32137-TCP.

Allow for both in-coming and out-going data packets from all ports.


Regards, Ritchie...

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