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Constant Warnings !

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Guest Wookiee

I am not sure what options you may have enabled already, but there is a "notification" section in the settings, where you could disable some of the verbose notifications (if they are enabled).

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Hi guys, I've seen that happen before. Where a user turns on the Verbose Tray Notifications in Settings by mistake or maybe out of curiosity and then wonders why there are so many pop-up messages taking place.


The Verbose Tray Notifications setting is used for debugging or troubleshooting purposes only and should ordinarily remain turned off unless instructed by an Admin. or Support person to enable this setting.


Cheers, Ritchie... 

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For me, this AV is good enough but I believe the tray notification is very annoying for the operators, I re-install IMMUNET again after a year and I am trying again the clause "tray notification..." enable and I will see if the clause will really work, thanks, we weill get in touch again if it will not work

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Ironically, I just mentioned in my last post where I recommended that the member enable Verbose Tray Notifications as a troubleshooting tool.

However, I will repeat this, the Verbose Tray Notifications setting should normally remain in the "OFF" position unless instructed to enable it. "It is for debugging & troubleshooting purposes only!"

Well, that's unless you don't mind getting a bunch of pop-up messages from Immunet I guess.

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