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Microsoft Phone Scams Still Going On


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Hi all,


I received a land-line phone call this afternoon from a man with a very heavy accent from India clamming he was a representative for a company (the company name was never mentioned) that offered extended technical assistance for consumers for a yearly fee that Microsoft employs. He claimed that the company was no longer solvent and was about to go out of business so they were offering refunds to participants in the program as a stipulation in the bankruptcy proceedings. Sounds all well & good, right?


First of all I have no such agreement with any company nor did I pay for anything like that.


Of course I knew this was a bogus call but still played along just to see what would transpire next, as if I didn't know already!


He claimed that he could mail me a check (no actual amount was ever quoted) or it would be "so much easier and quicker" if I just let them deposit the sum into my bank's checking account. Asking the bank name, address and my account number which, of course, I didn't divulge.


After that I sarcastically said to him, "I bet your family is real proud of you that you turned out to be a criminal" and hung up the phone so happy to have wasted his time, lol!


Most people wouldn't fall for this but there are still enough innocently unsuspecting or down right greedy individuals out there to make it worth their while to make this type of scam viable unfortunately. Those are the folks they're trying to make contact with.

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Guest Wookiee

This scam has been going on for years, and I assume will continue because people keep falling for it.

The same with the IRS calling you, claiming you owe a ton of money blah blah blah.

The IRS doesn't call people. They send a scary notice in the mail.

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