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2.0.16 Available


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2.0.16 has been released. There have been several changes for this release, but not all of them are visible. The biggest change is the new Trial feature which will allow you to try Immunet Protect Plus for 14 days before you decide to purchase it.



* Interface changes for the bootstrapper and installer to support trials; update of the colors and look & feel

* UI and pop changes for trials (orange banner & days until expiration)

* New license key dialog

* Better validation of license keys when using the license dialog

* Uninstall while connected to the cloud will de-register the license key so it can be re-install later

* Crash fixes in both UI & agent

* Some dialog boxes have been changed to avoid white on load

* Change in Avira Exclusions

* Uninstall no longer removes Tetra definitions by default, only if you choose not to re-install


Upgrades are being pushed now. During this Free users can choose to try out the trial or stay with the Free.

NOTE: When doing the upgrade, you will see that it found version {0}. This is a bug that's fixed in the new UI.

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Guest Orlando

how to get Plus trial version? I'm using Vietnamese beta version?


During the installation you will be asked to choose between the Free version or Plus, if you choose the Plus without entering key it will be installed the trial. It unlockable later with the Free version or by purchasing a license.



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Hi: Great Stuff!

I downloaded the push, My 'about' is showing

However, my GUI is showing the orange circle "not updated" (never updated) under the product section.

I've rebooted, attempted to click on: Update-at the top. and Fix It-at the bottom again, rebooted again. Still orange- Not Updated notice.

It's really not a concern for me, but an issue of convenience, just thought I'd let you know.

...now I'll go browse the rest of the forum, and probably find the answer out there......


Keep up the good work.

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