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Facebook Under Pressure - I'ts About Time It Was!


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I once had a Facebook account but I deleted it several years ago when "I discovered back then" that the company was allowing third-party entities to access user's profile data, for a price. I was "not cool" with that even back then! Plus the malicious re-direct links & the hacker activity didn't exactly entice me to stay either.


Facebook was originally created for college students to stay in touch with each other and share ideas. A noble cause indeed!  Facebook has now allowed itself to become a global source of fake news & mis-information.


Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg publicly offered an apology yesterday for allowing the British firm Cambridge Analytica to access at least 50 million users profile data to try and interfere with the 2016 presidential election. This was done by targeting mis-leading or down right fake new stories to individuals that according to their data within their profiles would be more susceptible to believing the mis-leading or false information to benefit the Trump election campaign.


Because of this recent debacle stocks for Facebook has been taking a real downward tumble. It is estimated that the company has lost at least 50 million dollars in stock market trading just in the last few days. I'm sure the major share holders in the company are not happy at all with recent events!


It's also been reported that many users are opting to delete their profiles in disbelief & disgust! Did you know that can take up to 90 days to finalize?

Since Facebook is also ad driven these days I'm sure that the advertisers are closely watching this situation deciding when it's best to abandon a sinking ship.


Facebook isn't the only social media site that allows false or mis-leading information to proliferate.

So what's a person to do? First of all don't believe everything you read on the net is factual. Get your news from different sources, TV news, newspapers, magazines. "Be as informed as you can about issues instead of allowing someone else to do your thinking for you!"


As an after thought maybe it's time for Mark to step down and allow for some new blood to inject some new thinking into the project before it's too late. My own thoughts for what they're worth.

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I saw a segment on NBC's Nightly News this evening that revealed that as many as "87 million" Facebook users profile data was used by Cambridge Analytica, not the 50 million first reported!


The Federal Trade Commission has been pressuring CEO Mark Zuckerberg to publicly testify about this breech of trust and he has agreed to answer their questions. He's scheduled to appear before Congress on the 10th of this month.

You know they'll be asking Mark some tough questions. Like how & why Cambridge Analytica was able to access so much data from the site without Facebook users knowledge or consent and what steps are being taken by the company to assure a similar incident like this doesn't occur in the future.


Facebook announced that they have added some additional security features that users can activate to help keep third-party firms from accessing their profile data.


Facebook also announced today that the users affected by this breech of trust will be notified that their data has been compromised starting next Monday. Some good moves but is it too little, to late?


Because of this breech of trust stocks for Facebook continue to plummet as more users opt to delete their accounts! The company has now lost well over 85 million dollars in stock market trading.

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Hi Dallal, I watched some, but not all of it and like you, I was not impressed either. I would have liked more in-depth questioning about how Facebook is going to keep Russian trolls & other entities from meddling in our democratic election process through malicious accounts spreading fake news or targeting unsuspecting users like Cambridge Analytica did.

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