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False Positive Report


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see https://virusscan.jotti.org/de-DE/filescanjob/hmmurkzlp0; according to that, ClamAV thinks this DLL is some malware called PUA.Win.Packer.PowerbasicCc-2.

Then again, according to https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/f7fef855fdf9dac44fd23b06d1c7ecbe4142f11aaa5d68a3c91c578bdc64df05/detection the file is clean.

I'm with VirusTotal here, I'm absolutely sure that this DLL is harmless, actually I'm using it in some of my programs and I'm in contact with the author.

Please investigate the issue. Thanks & best regards, Wolfgang


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Thanks Wookie, missed that, too ... I went along the lines of


which says "Submit false positives to Immunet Protect as ClamAV uses the same signatures" but it seems this page hasn't been updated for quite some time.

Not sure though if it makes sense now to send that issue to one more address - might lead to the situation where two intituitions are trying to solve the same problem which would probably be a waste of resources.

Know what, I got a very similar issue (i.e. according to Jotti's Malware Scan, CalmAV finds malware in it, according to VT it doesn't ) with another file, I'll send that one to the address you mentioned.

Cheers Wolfgang


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