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Creating exclusions from windows non-interactive


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Hello Immunet support and community!

This is my first post in a forum in a long time, so let me apologize in advance for any improper etiquette. I am wondering if anyone knows of a way in which I can dictate windows exclusions from some non-interactive shell (i.e. command, lines in file, registry db, etc.).

I poked around a little bit and found policy.xml in my windows immunet root. It contains :

            <item>256|6|1|0|[A-Za-z]:\\System Volume Information\\tracking.log$</item>

I'm looking for some guidance on how these exclusions are stored and if they're accessible or manipulable by me.

Thanks in advance for your time! I appreciate it a lot!



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Hello Nadmin, unfortunately Immunet does not support any kind of user created command line scripting so that option would be out.

I also wouldn't recommend you muck about with the files or registry keys. That could have very undesirable effects to Immunet's program or your OS itself if you accidentally alter or delete the wrong registry keys.

I would highly recommend you use Immunet's UI and add exclusions the traditional way.

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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Thank you for responding so promptly!

I'm satisfied with your response as it seems to be a well-established one to these types of questions in the forum. As a huge fan of you and your teams' work, I will continue to hope that this type of functionality lands itself onto your roadmap somehow.

Thanks again for taking the time this weekend. I hope you have a wonderful coming week!



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Guest Wookiee

I would say, if you really want to use command line tool(s), you could checkout ClamAV for some of your needs (depending on what you are doing)
Immunet does use that engine as well.
Though, Ritchie is correct with his previous response.

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