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Immunet preventing download of Process Hacker

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Windows 10 x64, latest updates.  Immunet

In Settings, Blocking Mode is disabled.  All Quarantine Behavior is "Ask Me".  Scan Archive Files is OFF.

Despite these settings, Immunet instantly and silently deletes Process Hacker (processhacker-2.39-bin.zip) whenever I try to download it eg. from SourceForge or Major Geeks.  I finally got it after adding my Downloads folder to Immunet exclusions.  Subsequently, whenever I copied it from that folder, Immunet would again silently delete it in the destination folder.

This is completely unexpected behavior, for several reasons, and a puzzle to figure out because of no messages.


BTW, in Quarantine, when I select "Clean File History" on the dropdown, the Immunet GUI crashes.

Immunet really needs an "Off switch", so it can easily be disabled for troubleshooting.

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Guest Wookiee

That's odd. Can you provide the download link to the Process hacker, and I will run some tests and see "what happens"

As far as the crash, what kind of specs do you have on the box?
Any other anti-virus software on the box or just Immunet? 
Can you run a support debug so I can review it?

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Hi guys, Process Hacker has been recognized as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) by a number of other AV's including BitDefender & Malwarebytes so this certainly isn't the first time this software has ever been flagged as suspicious or possibly malicious. 

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