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Good morning,

This morning all the Windows Based Machines (Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 and Windows 2008 R2) in our office running Immunet Anti Virus have this message:

AppXDeploymentExtensions.onecore.dll has been detected as W32.45D0D4390-100.SBX.TG Quarantine failed.

Any suggestions as I am not finding anything on the web about this other than AppXDeploymentExtensions.onecore.dll is a Windows Dymanic link library????

Any help appreciated!




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Files have been removed.  Looks like it was a windows update that was mistaken for a virus?  Here are the three that were installed last night.  But Hashing the file is not possible because it was removed either by a process or blocked by Immunet?

And location/name of file.



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Guest Wookiee

I would mark an exception in the settings for immunet for now, and I will see about finding out why Immunet is detecting this file as bad.

When the exception is made, try to do the windows update again.

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