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Immunet 6.0.8 issues on Windows 2008 R2


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Dear everyone,

I have couple of Win2008R2 virtual servers and recently noticed issues specified below:

- some elements of the GUI are not clickable, for instance: on/off buttons in settings, "about" and "support" links

- "scan now" is greyed out - when clicked, an error message will be displayed: "You Can Not Scan at This Time: The Immunet service is not running. Please restart the service and retry."


Things I have already tried:

- restarted VM's

- downloaded latest installer and reinstalled Immunet installing it as Administrator

- tried to manually restart the service


Any ideas how to fix it?


Best wishes,





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Guest Wookiee

Are you using a proxy for any of the VMs?

Does this happen on only ONE vm  (the crash)?


See if you can get to the settings, and turn on debugging, and then make it crash again. After that generate a support debug and send it to me.
Generate a support package for this issue.
To do this, go to start menu, immunet folder, support diagnostic tool. This will generate a .7z file on your desktop that contains some helpful logs that we can hopefully use to get more information on your issue.

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No proxy, just firewall but it has the same settings as for "normal" PC's and on those Immunet works fine.
Yes, it does crash on all VM's with Win2008R2 (worth to note I have one VM with Win7 and Immunet works fine on that one).
I can see the "Enable Debug Logging" button, but there is no action when I click on it.

Please find the attached .7z file.





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Guest Wookiee

There is a few issues fixed with the new release, you could try 6.2.0 and see if it fixes the crashing. We had an issue with a bios name, that was corrected in 6.2
that would cause these issues

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