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Immunet Notice! of new files installed ... daily

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For the last ~2 weeks, Immunet v. has been displaying "Notices" of new files being installed on my Win10 PC x64.  Not sure if they are updates to Immunet itself, other programs, or not related to software updates at all.  The notices (see screenshot below) typically say "Notice!  Trusted file xxxxxx.xxx has been installed on this machine."  Immunet is tallying several, sometimes dozens, of these notices per day.  Does anyone know what these notices are?  And how can I shut off the notices if they are not indicating something harmful?  I searched and didn't come across other forum postings like this, so am posting this new one myself.


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it sounds like you might have turned on Verbose Tray Notifications.  Open the immunet interface and check Settings ->  Notification Settings -> Verbose Tray Notifications.   When turned on Immunet will  popup the message you're seeing whenever it detects a new file on the system, regardless of if the file is clean or malicious.

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The Verbose Tray Notification feature should only be enabled when instructed by an Admin or Dev.

It's used for debugging & troubleshooting purposes only and should ordinarily remain disabled. Unless you actually like getting a plethora of pop-ups!

When enabled it will show you "all the files" that Immunet has encountered including legitimate Windows & third-party program files. These are files that are already installed on your system.

I hope this clarifies things for you.

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