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How to unlock a file


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Hello pufig, first of all it is very, very important to make sure that what you're attempting to restore is a False Positive and not actually genuine malware. One great way to do this is to check the file with VirusTotal.com's database first. https://www.virustotal.com/#/home/upload

After you are "absolutely certain" that the file is not malicious you can click on the History tab -> to the right of View By click on the little downward pointing arrow -> this will open a little drop down menu and click on Quarantined File History -> find the file in question from the list, click on it and choose the "Restore" option. This automatically moves the file from Quarantine to the Exclusion list where it will no longer be scanned.

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I know how to recover a file from quarantine.

The problem is that the file is not moved to quarantine, it is blocked and I cannot start it until the PC is restarted. The system writes that there are no rights, but after reboot everything works, at the switched-off anti-virus

Also, it is not possible to whitelist the network folder

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Ok, it's not a quarantine response, we can rule that out.

What exactly is the file type and what software is it associated with?

You haven't been exactly forthcoming as far as telling us what the file is or it's association. You mentioned a network folder, is that where the file in question is located and that you already tried to create a custom Exclusion rule with no luck, is that correct?

Have you tried to experiment with the settings at all? If you use any of these settings you could try and turn off Monitor Program Install, Monitor Program Start, Blocking Mode & Monitor Network Connections first to see if that fixes the issue. If it does then separately turn each setting back on, rebooting after each settings change to see which one of those might be the culprit. Something to look into if you so desire.

If changing the settings has no effect then it could be Immunet's exploit/process protection feature blocking the file. That's definitely something the devs will have to investigate further.

Regards, Ritchie...

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Guest Wookiee

Immunet shouldn't lock out a file unless it is quarantined. IF it is not in the quarantined list, then it's most likely not Immunet but we can check a few settings as well. This thread might have the solution to your issue:

Can you show a screenshot of what you are seeing? What kind of file? Any other anti-virus softwares on this machine?

Any messages or popups when trying to access the file?

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This is an exe executable file, trusted by the source. Blocks it Immunet, no other antivirus.

the network folder is mounted as a drive, the whole problem is that the view path \Device\MUP\DESKTOP\set\Soft it is not possible to add to the exception.

this is a program to configure the system, it is possible that it is really blocked as "exploit / system process protection" but I would like to be able to unlock it .

immunet q.jpg

immunet i3.jpg

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The extra info & screenshots do help, thanks for that pufig! Mmm. A failed Quarantine. Instead of using the exclusion browse feature try and manually type in the file path again.

After clicking on Add New Exclusion "manually" type in the correct file path in the Exclusion text box starting with the network folder's drive letter designation that Windows Explorer is seeing it as (D:\ - E:\ -  F:\ - whatever it is). 

Then make sure absolutely no errors are made while typing the file path "exactly the way it's displayed" in your screenshot's Quarantined File History Details dialog box, using both the upper & lower case lettering as it's shown in the Details File Path information. Then click on Add Exclusion.

I think this may be worth a shot if you haven't tried this yet.

If Windows Explorer doesn't recognize the network folder as a legitimate drive I could see where that could cause potential problems and not just with Immunet.

Cheers, Ritchie...



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