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I am back to project!


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Hallo i was an old member and today i gave an opportunity again to immunet after verion 3 in 2012!

Maybe richie58 remembered me back then.

I have 4 pc in my house and i installed immunet in 2 of them (windows 10 with windows defender latest)

I found that the program has no false positives and it is more optimized.

If i found a bug i will post it here.

I give the new team best wishes!



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Yes I do remember you boombastik and welcome back to the Immunet community! A little late but Happy New Year!

You will find version 6 much improved, both in efficacy & performance, over the old version 3.

If you disable Monitor Program Install (which definitely isn't recommended) that means that Immunet will not monitor new software installer packages or program updates for any suspicious/malicious activity during the installation process. It will be up to the user to scan the software after installation.

I normally use this setting enabled but I do disable it during "Windows Updates" just to help speed things up a bit and then turn it back on after the Windows Updates are installed.

With Monitor Program Start enabled that will monitor automatic start-up programs and any manually started executable code when they're first launched for any suspicious/malicious activity. I would recommend you use both settings enabled for the added layer of security that Monitor Program Install will provide.

Cheers, Ritchie...

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Happy New Year!

I thought that monitor program install in simple words is the file creation shield and the monitor program start is the file execution shield.

If u have a second antivirus that also checks for file creation it is not better to have only a second anti malware that scans only in execution?

For now the 2 pc are for older people so i enabled monitor program start also but i created 3 folders exclusions to minimize CPU usage.(old pcs and users don't install anything, only automatic windows updates)

1)i exclude the windows defender antivirus folder.

2)i exclude all the software distribution folder to install windows updates without checking them.

3)i exclude the WindowsApps folder where windows store install the windows apps.

Now the performance impact is zero when u install windows updates and windows store updates  and i think the security compromise with the three exclusions is very little.


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Hello boombastik, with Win. 10 Defender is automatically disabled once you install another antivirus, that is normal behavior. I don't think there is a way to keep Defender enabled once you have another AV installed though.

Personally that's "one of the first things I turned off" when I first installed my OS because Windows Defender is not a good as some free products (like Immunet!). So even if you use Immunet as a stand alone AV solution that would still be better than using Defender!

Don't forget that Immunet can be used as a companion AV to most major players AV products. I currently have Immunet paired up with Panda Dome Pro (the paid version but there is a free version available) which are both cloud based AV's, they seem to work well together and are both light on system resources.

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Hello Parai & welcome to the Immunet forum, any support issue dealing with possible bugs is taken "very seriously" & are usually dealt with in a timely manner is what I recollect from my experience of using Immunet over the years.

Feel free to start a new topic in the Support (Issues & Defects) section of the forum if you encounter what you may think is a new bug. In fact, we encourage that input from users just to make the product that much better.

Immunet uses a bootstrapper installer that requires an internet connection during the install process so you will get the newest 6.2.4 version, which I would "definitely" recommend you use.

You can download the newest installer by clicking on this link here. https://download.immunet.com/binaries/immunet/bin/ImmunetSetup.exe

Please note: Immunet no longer supports Windows XP or Vista so I hope you're not using one of these older Operating Systems.

Cheers, Ritchie...

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