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Dell XPS-15: 6 GB RAM;  i7 processor; 106GB of data & 75 GB empty space in C:\; Win 7.   

On three different occasions I have attempted to run a full scan (new installation if Immunet) and after 2 and 3  hours on two cases and 9+ hours (overnight) on the third attempt, the Scan was "not finished", the clock was running, memory was displayed as going up and down at times, but "stuck" in the same file. Attempting to terminate the Scan was unsuccessful in each case, even tried Task Manager, had to resort to computer ON/OFF  button!

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Guest Wookiee



is it getting stuck on the same file each time?
what kind of file is it?

Can you send me a support dump? I'll private message you instructions.

Just to cover all bases, does this seem to happen on the same hard drive (if it's the same file, then most likely yes),
I am wondering if it could be a bad sector on that Hard drive,

You could try running the following overnight (as it will take awhile)

1) open windows explorer, find the  drive causing issues (C drive) most likely
2) right click the Drive and select properties
3) Click on the "tool" tab and click "check now (verify "automatically fix errors" and " scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" is checked.
4) start.



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