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It have been mentioned but removed temporary (cause some bugs), it conclude those things:



* Interface changes for the bootstrapper and installer to support trials; update of the colors and look & feel

* UI and pop changes for trials (orange banner & days until expiration)

* New license key dialog

* Better validation of license keys when using the license dialog

* Uninstall while connected to the cloud will de-register the license key so it can be re-install later

* Crash fixes in both UI & agent

* Some dialog boxes have been changed to avoid white on load

* Change in Avira Exclusions

* Uninstall no longer removes Tetra definitions by default, only if you choose not to re-install

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Explained by Millard another place:


"Some of you probably saw an announcement of 2.0.16 being available. It is, but I removed the announcement because of a False Positive occurring when users with Plus installed try to upgrade to 2.0.16. Until I can get the signature turned off causing this FP, we will not be announcing the 2.0.16 release. New users will get it and anyone who reinstalls or upgrades."

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Guest Francois

wowowowowowowwow immunet includes avira engine in its plus and free version?


AFAIK, the Tetra engine is active only in the Plus version, and it's a BitDefender engine, not Avira's.

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