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Tetra Threat Scanner Service.

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Guest Orlando

I didn't understand well what you say, TETRA is disabled in the free version (you will can unlock it only if you buy the plus version).


Sorry for the delay.


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No problem on the delay. Everyone probably thought Francois provided the correct answer.


@Immunet Support

I strive to put my questions simple and terse especially about stuff installed by developers for stuff that's been in Windows for over a decade. Let me give it another try.


Tetra is not disabled in the free version, it is "disabled." Tetra components and files are installed - hidden in plain sight, so to speak.


I'm running XP Pro SP3 32 bit but I'm sure this applies in some way or another in all flavors of NT based Windows...


Run the Services management console. (If you have Admin Tools configured in your Start menu, open it and select Services. Or open Run from the Start menu and enter services.msc /s ).


Scroll down to Tetra Threat Scanner. Installed by Immunet as svchost.exe -k bdx no matter which option is selected during ImmunetSetup, I believe it is a Remote Procedure Call. Note the default Startup Type is Manual. Very simply expressed: it's sitting there waiting to be called upon to start or stop as needed.


I want to know if I can set that to Disabled with the condition for a particular system that will never be upgraded to Plus.


And while I'm on that subject, can I delete the Tetra folder?


So, two questions:

1) Can I set that service to Disabled?

2) Can I delete that folder?


Thank you.

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