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Unable To Update

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Hi All


I know this issue has been mentioned before but was uncertain if it was ever resolved. I am running XP sp3 32-bit with Windows Defender also. I have had this problem on and off since I started using Immunet so know it's nothing new. Have tried disabling and removing Defender but made no difference.


Just tried an update today using the latest version recently upgraded ( and alas.





The system reports I am up to date, although seeing this it does not fill me with confidence. Is there anything I can do or is it just a case of waiting for the bugs to be ironed out?





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Hey TollyBug:


I have a little feedback, I'm not a pro but can share some info.


You DO have the latest version.

(well actually 2.0.17 was released today, but there is nothing new except advertisements on the Interface for free users, and they're not pushing this update)


I have had various glitches with my Interface: Exact same prob as yours - it went away eventually ( I think under the last time that I actually received an update), Yellow warning on Interface under Product (3rd column) stating Not Updated/NEVER Updated - I still have that one ...but expect it too will just go away the next time I get an update.


These interface glitches do not seem to affect the product, just sloppy and inconvenient.


As long as your have the latest version don't worry.

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TollyBug failed to mention he/she is using Immunet Plus.


Free users will see only the "Checking for New Version" and "Immunet Protect is Up to Date." Unless there's an update available, of course.


The "Downloading Updates" etc. are for the Tetra updates.


I posted up on this back in June:


as well as to support at Immunet. I did as Pedersen suggested but never received any kind of response. The behavior continued through to 2.0.16.


After a while I noticed the hourly Tetra auto updates would just stop happening without any notice or any other indication. If I tried to do an Update Now, I got a Free-like Updater dialogue. (I'd attach as screen shot, but apparently I've used up my quota.) The only way I could get it working again was to stop and start the agent service. And then it would be just a matter of time before the hourly Tetra updates stopped again. It could be a few hours or a few days. I reported this to support at Immunet on Oct 15. As of this writing, no response.


And Dave Mc is incorrect. Tetra is based on BitDefender and their strength is in hourly, or less, signature and definition updates - one of the reasons why G Data and Trustport rank so highly. And the main reason why I was so hyped on Immunet Plus. If your Tetra update(s) fail, then you do need to worry.


Every once in a while, and it's been a while, we'll hear about how the cloud engines are being tweaked with a reference to some Nov 15 event. So, I'm not confident in the free version. My solution for now is to stop using Immunet.

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Thanks for the responses people, at least I am not alone with this issue. unsure.gif


Sorry for not mentioning I am using the Plus version, my bad. I try to think of these things when posting but always leave something important out.


I still have faith in the product and I don't wish to stop using it, but some of the little niggles people have mentioned (and I know they may appear little niggles but could pose huge problems in some cases to rectify) take the shine off what would otherwise be a wonderful product.


Maybe Immunet have a more 'out in the open' style to testing and developing where some of the more established older firms would do this in secret and behind closed doors... I have no idea of the size of business Immunet is compare to the likes of Sophos etc also. It just feels like I am using the Beta version of something and the real thing... the finished product is yet to come.


I appreciate others may say things like "Sod the interface, just give me the best detection engine available" and such. But I understand the fact that you can have the 'Ferrari' of detection engines, incredible software design and core infrastructure... but if it's packaged up and delivered to the end user badly so it looks like a beaten up Lada, and they have an opportunity (however small) to get a bad impression.. Then all that hard work is gone to waste. Just like if you had a really polished looking product that done naff all.


So as someone who has Paid for the Plus version, I would rather developers didn't spend their time with creating more spruced up funky installers for which I am to see little to no benefit and making the full software available for trial periods etc. I would rather they fixed some of these bugs (like this one and the 0 files scanned root-kit scan) that drive us the customer nuts instead.


Sorry if this sounds like a rant. It wasn't meant to be and never started off that way. I just check on these forums from time to time and every now and again see something to the effect of "new update" and mentioned in it always seems to be "Oh we have an improved installation interface" Stuff that! Give me reason to believe the product I already have installed actually updates first! I'm left with the feeling of "ah well, you guys have my money. So we'll keep making the installer look better to give people a bigger wow factor to get more cash in from new business and put all the bug fixes for existing users on the back burner"



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