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I don't know how to clear quarantine history

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Hello again Parai, if you're worried about too many log files being created rest assured that Immunet is designed to automatically delete old or outdated info so precious HD or SSD space isn't needlessly hogged up by unnecessary log files.

Also keep in mind that with any quarantined file you do have the option of restoring (if it's a true False Positive) or permanently deleting the file from your system.

If Immunet can't delete any quarantined files that "usually is not a good thing!" It means that most likely you already had active malware running on your system before installing Immunet.

As I mentioned before old history files will eventually get automatically deleted. I would recommend you don't try to delete the current files as those "can be used" by the devs for troubleshooting or debugging purposes.

Cheers, Ritchie...

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