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Question about efficiency of immunet


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Guest Wookiee

Immunet is a free product, and with it being free- having it 'tested' against other products is costly.

Though, Immunet does also use the ClamAV engine, so we detect everything ClamAV detects, plus have our own set for detection.
On top of that, If anyone notices any false positives or anything of the sort- report it and we will be as quick as possible to fix.

Other products that are not 'free' are externally tested and ranked.

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Hi cyrille, that's not a silly question at all but Wookiee is absolutely correct.

If an AV company wants to submit their product for testing, by AV-Comparatives for example, it can be very costly! That's because most testing labs will set up test rigs for every Operating System that the AV product supports. That takes time, money & manpower to implement.

That would be cool if Immunet could go up against some of the major player's products just to see how well it compares.

Especially if the The ClamAV module is used along with the ETHOS & SPERO cloud detection engines during testing "it wouldn't surprise me one iota that it would out-perform some popular paid products in efficacy!"

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