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New Release: Immunet 6.3.0


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Hello all,
We are happy to announce a new release of Immunet: Version 6.3.0!
This latest version of Immunet provides the same great protection against malware and viruses as before, but also includes 
  • Improved detection coverage
  • Windows 10 RedStone 6 support
  • Update ClamAV to version 0.101.2
  • Improved status in Windows Security Center
  • Bug fix to exploit prevention engine
  • Immunet installer now handles all legal windows characters that can be in a Windows file path for default install
  • Fixes to mitigate high CPU/Memory issue some users are seeing on Windows 10 during Windows updates.
As always, you can get the new installer at https://www.immunet.com. We strongly recommend existing Immunet user to upgrade to v6.3.0 and start taking advantage of new improvements.
If you are running an older version of Immunet, you should be able to upgrade via the 'Update Now' button in the UI. If you don't see the update in your UI we recommend uninstalling Immunet and reinstalling the version downloaded from https://www.immunet.com 
If you do encounter problems with the new version of Immunet Protect, please let us know via forums at http://support.immunet.com
Thank you for your continued support!
The Immunet Protect Team
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